• SmartConnect

    Software so clever, anyone can use it.

    SmartConnect is the integration solution that makes building and managing all your integrations easy. You don’t need an IT Degree to use it!

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  • SmartView

    Better. Faster. Smarter.

    SmartView is just like SmartList - only a whole lot better! Complete super-human tasks in seconds. Be amazed by the features and performance of this software.

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  • SmartList Builder

    SmartList Builder + Extender

    Microsoft liked SmartList Builder and Extender so much that they made them Microsoft products. Beginner and advanced training is available for both the Builder range of products as well as on eXtender.

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  • Services

    Talk direct to the software authors.

    Call in the gurus to assist with designing your solution, configuring the software or training your team to become experts. Find out about our fixed fee package deals.

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Smart Configurable Software

eOne develops “no code” software solutions for mid-market enterprises which enables them to fit their business systems to their specific business requirements…22,000 companies are benefitting from our tools right now!

Our mission is to provide ubiquitous, highly configurable and intelligent tools for ERP and CRM that increase efficiency while reducing costs…representing an unprecedented value proposition. eOne is a highly creative and agile team; we like to do things our own way...The Smart Way.

Over 22,000 companies trust eOne tools everyday.

Used daily by organizations of all types.

SmartList Builder: The number one selling Dynamics GP addon module – EVER

SmartList Builder is used by more than 13,500 companies every day, by the people that make those companies run. This is a tool that ensures ‘the doers’ in your organization have all access to data they need, where they need it, to operate the company day in day out. If the data exists, SmartList Builder lets you find it and then act on it.

What our resellers say...
"Smartlist Builder provides customers the missing link to simple reporting on Dynamics GP data, as well as other in-house applications. At Dorado Solutions, we use it with every customer. Smart List Builder provides the reporting and flexibility that every end-user wants for all in-house applications. We believe that every customer who owns GP needs to own Smartlist Builder! Without it… is like building a house without a hammer."

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Keeping data secret and in silos is so 1990's. Integrating and sharing data throughout your organization is getting easier with SmartConnect. Syncronize your website with your CRM and keep your Sales People informed. Tie your ERP and your CRM together to give a single picture of your customers. Tie in all your other business applications to ensure your systems all work together to produce the business results you need.

SmartConnect provides the drag and drop functionality to ensure your cloud and on premise software all talk together - all without a single line of code. Integrate the easy way - the SmartConnect way. This website is powered behind the scenes by Dynamics GP and Microsoft CRM working together seamlessly - all thanks to SmartConnect.

Integrating SalesForce.com with Dynamics GP

A CRM system is not a Customer Relationship System unless it is integrated with your ERP. SmartConnect is the Easy way to Connect SalesForce.com and Dynamics GP together. Connect any record in Dynamics GP with any Record in SalesForce.com and push the data both ways. You do not need to be a software developer to connect both systems together.

Ken Fournet, AIM Technologies

"I can say, WOW, I am very impressed with how fast the data loads from SmartView to Excel, I really think that is the #1 feature of your product. SmartView returned 200,000 records in 6 seconds and then exported it to Excel in 9 seconds."